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視覺藝術學系 Department of Visual Arts

視覺藝術學系 Department of Visual Arts The Department is a place to cultivate outstanding professionals of visual arts, including studio art, art theory, applied arts, and art education. Through relevant art theory and studio art practice, students are inspired to generate broad vision and multicultural learning, to integrate both the local and international visual concepts, to nurture interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as to meet the demands for the visual arts development in today’s society.Our graduate program aims at cultivating advanced visual arts professionals in studio art and art theory. According to their interest and career plans, the graduate students in the Division of Studio Arts explore art practice in the particular field; they are also encouraged to actively develop application in the cultural creative industry. Based on their knowledge of art history and art theory, the graduate students in the Division of Art Theory take advanced art-history and art-theory courses to pursue a career in art history research or arts management. The Department has also offered the arts teachers the opportunities to participate in an In-Service Graduate Program since 1999.> 恭喜本系呂宜蓁同學109學年度第1學期公費生甄選正取,祝福宜蓁同學未來於春風化雨之路上一切順利,再次恭喜優秀的呂同學!

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